Alternative Potable Water Supply - Waikeria Prison

Department of Corrections
Opus International Consultants

Project Scope

This project involved the construction of a new Potable Water Facility for the Waikeria Prison Complex.

The facility is fully automated and provides live display of water quality data, flow rates and reservoir levels through telemetry technology. Water is drawn from an artesian bore, and then pumped through a water treatment facility where chlorine is injected into the flow.

From the WTP the water is piped through a PE rising main which traverses across Prison farm land for some distance of 1400 lineal meters.

A newly constructed 2000m3 Timber Reservoir is situated at the end of the pipeline.

Physical works involved in the contract include the construction of:

  • Installation of an 18.5kW Bore Pump, and HDG riser pipe.
  • A new Water Treatment Plant facility, including water quality instruments, electrical room and chlorine (gas) injection room.
  • 1400 lineal meters of 180dia PE Rising Main, including associated air and scour valves.
  • 2000m3 Timber Tank Reservoir and concrete foundation.
  • Supply and Installation of Telemetry technology, including a designated computer located at the operators premises.
  • All Electrical works, including the upgrade of the existing Transformer.