Kerepehi WTP Pump Station Upgrade

Hauraki District Council
Harrison Grierson Consultants Ltd.

Project Scope

This contract involved the modification of the intake screen and pipe, installation of a new centrifugal pump  and a new vacuum priming system.

Physical works involved in the contract included:

  • New local suction and discharge pipework for the centrifugal pump
  • Frame of the intake screen is currently mild steel and is to be replaced with stainless steel material.
  • The intake suction pipes are to be extended to provide deeper submergence and a new foot valve installed. Additional plates shall be provided at the intake screen to prevent ingress of coarse solids through openings in the lid grating and pipe penetrations. The new pump is a replacement of an old unused pump and the main suction and discharge pipelines will be reused. The existing switchboard shall also be replaced along with some of the existing instruments, communications system and other ancillary equipment.
  • The pump station communicates with the raw water storage tank located near the water treatment plant. The communications system at both the raw water pump station and the raw water storage tank are to be upgraded with new equipment and a new high level switch provided in the storage tank.