Waimate West Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

South Taranaki District Council
CH2M Beca

Project Scope

The Upgrade of the existing Water Treatment Plant in Kaponga, South Taranaki, was undertaken to increase the supply capacity and water quality to the Mania township, local industry and surrounding Taranaki Districts.

The Contract included:

  • Demolition of the existing permujet circular clarifier and other enabling works.
  • Construction of two reinforced concrete clarifier tanks and a flocculation tank, four sand filter tanks and a back wash tank.
  • Installation of 4 Altek Monolithic filter floors and filters for water filtration
  • Construction of a plant building for housing the mechanical pipework, backwash pumping and chemical dosing systems, sampling racks and MCC room.
  • Supply and installation of chemical dosing systems including PACL, Polymer, Chlorine and Caustic.
  • Upgrade of the raw water supply station including tying in a new main supply line and inclusion of a new induction generator to the raw water intake.
  • Supply and installation of a new generator set and power supply upgrade including capability to synchronise power generation within the grid.
  • Supply and installation of new flowmeter chambers to the reservoir outlets.
  • The demolition and removal of four existing AVG filter structures, post commissioning of Plant.
  • Supply and installation of the electrical and control instrumentation including inspection, testing and commissioning.