Kinleith Dam 19 Spillway Works

Carter Holt Harvey
Tonkin & Taylor

Project Scope

The project involved the construction of a concrete wave wall and auxiliary spillway on the downstream end of Dam 19.


Major works included:

  • Bulk excavation of the auxiliary spillway inlet trough;
  • Installation of rock anchors;
  • Installation of under drainage;
  • Reinforced concrete (shotcrete) lining of the inlet trough;
  • Sundry concrete retaining walls;
  • Excavation of the spillway invert to final profile;
  • Bulk excavation of in situ ignimbrite plugs at the upstream and downstream end of the design, obtain Building Consent and construction of a bridge over the auxiliary spillway;
  • Road construction including and guard rails and barriers;
  • Construction of a  reinforced concrete wave wall along the crest of the dam.


This project was completed in July 2015.