Parish Polder Pump Station

Waikato Regional Council
Tonkin & Taylor

Project Scope

This project was for the construction of a new pump station alongside the existing stop bank and pump station, together with the diversion of the existing stream.


Major works included:

  • The new pump station comprised of precast concrete units placed on a concrete slab foundation.
  • The pump station was connected via new stainless-steel pipework incorporating knife gate valves to the existing concrete discharge pipes through the stop bank.
  • A timber frame Colour steel clad pump shed was constructed over the pumps on top of the precast units.
  • Demolition of the existing pump station and transfer of one existing pump to the new pump station.

The existing pump station remained in service during construction of the new pump station to minimize the risk of flood damage to crops.

Bypass pumping was provided during downtime while the existing or new pump stations were completely or partially out of service.



This project was completed in May 2016.