Broadlands Rd Landfill Cell 2D Construction

Taupo District Council
Opus International Consultants

Project Scope

This project was for the extension of the existing landfill into Cell 2D. Stages 2B2 and 2C1 are the landfill cells in use.  The new cell joins onto the liners of these stages.  The existing landfill must remain in operation throughout the contract period.

Major works included:

  • Clearing of the site for the landfill extension;
  • Cut and undercut to fill to construct a compacted earth base for the landfill liners;
  • Cut to fill and borrow to fill to form a 500mm compacted earth liner layer (the CBL);
  • Supply and lay liners consisting of geosynthetic clay liners (GCL), flexible membrane liners (FML) and geo-fabric liner protection layer;
  • Landfill floor drainage incorporating supply and placement of the rock aggregate drainage layer and pipe leachate drains;
  • Construction of edge bunds and stormwater swale;
  • Topsoil and grass disturbed areas.


This project was completed in February 2017.