Karapiro Reservoir No. 2 & Karapiro Village Water Tower Repair Works

Waipa District Council
Opus Internatinal Consultants

Project Scope

Design and the physical works required for the repairs for the concrete structures, steelwork repair / removal and pipework replacement / repair for Karapiro Reservoir No. 2 and the Karapiro Water Tower, including disinfection and testing.


Major Works Included:

  • Repair areas with exposed corroded reinforcement in the roof slab soffit.
  • Replace overflow pipes with a stainless-steel pipe and bellmouths at full supply level.
  • Replace main central Inlet pipe and support brackets.
  • Repair cracking at top of roof slab, chase cut and repaired using a High Strength cementitious Sika Grout 212.
  • Apply a layer of GripSet waterproofing membrane around the circumference of the internal tank wall surface.
  • Sawcut a 12mm wide x 12mm deep joint around the full length of the construction joints and fill with Sikaflex 11FC with a bond breaker tape.
  • Disinfection and testing.


This project was completed in August 2017.