Temple View Redevelopment - Stage 1 - Civil Works

The Church of the Latter-day Saints
Bloxam, Burnett & Olliver Ltd

Project Scope

The First Stage of the Redevelopment of Temple View includes

  • Upgrading of the Tuhikaramea Road through Temple View including construction of 3 new roundabouts.
  • Construction of two new access roads into the Temple View site.
  • Construction of shared footpath/cycle paths
  • Construction of retaining and curtilage walls along Tuhikaramea Road through Temple View
  • Installation of all new underground services, water, wastewater, stormwater, power and fire ring main
  • Extensive landscaping around the site, paving, planting and landscape features
  • Extensive earthworks and creation of a Lake
  • Construction of some 2km of raised timber boardwalks


To reduce construction time and ensure concrete quality, the precast tank design was modified to reduce insitu wall construction, resulting in a cost neutral change with programme benefits.


This project was completed in July 2017