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Spartan’s focus is on innovative solutions to complex engineering problems. The greater the challenges the more suited Spartan are to achieving the desired result. We will ensure strong interaction with clients and consultants to ensure better construction outcomes optimising client return.


Spartan Construction Limited was established in 2005 as a civil construction company  to undertake construction projects involving multi-disciplinary civil works in the areas of bridging, foundations, power generation, structures and the water and wastewater industries. Spartan Construction is now one of the leading medium sized civil construction companies in the Waikato region having successfully completed over 60 projects in the Water and Wastewater sector alone. The company has grown to 50 permanent employees.

​Our emphasis is on simple, clear quality systems that promote the swift resolution of key issues and development of clear objectives to the project team. Spartan engages front line construction experience, focusing on communication, task clarity and project delivery.


​We are committed to delivering the highest quality of services to our customers. We will achieve this by applying innovative and systematic techniques in our quality systems development to ensure that we always understand well our customer’s needs and accurately communicate these needs to our employees and all our construction partners.

​The key objectives of our quality systems management are driven by a determination to develop partnerships with our customers based on integrity and trust, to ensure full compliance of the end product with specified standards, completion on time and achievement of budget requirements.


​​The Spartan culture is a learning culture within which our quality systems form a dynamic base. Our employees are trained in quality techniques at both office and site level so as to provide a seamless communication of design and construction objectives and provide essential feedback for review and continuous improvement of systems.


​Spartan adopts the collaborative approach to contracting where there is a free flow of communication between the parties in a no-blame culture. Stakeholders are encouraged to make best for project decisions and serious disputes are avoided through a “fix the problem” approach versus “fix the blame”. A fair resolution to contractual differences is the only way we operate.


​With Spartan you pay for excellence in project engineering and planning through using the best people at the workface, without a large company structure that adds little value to your project. Experience combined with the thirst for a challenge and the drive for continual improvement provides the motivation behind the Spartan Team.

The Spartan Construction Way


Spartan Construction seeks to achieve their mission through the application of the following values:

  • Innovative engineering solutions to complex engineering issues

A determination to achieve quality outputs measured as:

  • On time delivery

  • Optimised client return on investment

  • Performance to specification

  • A philosophy of relentless and continuous improvement striving toward unrivalled performance within the construction industry

  • Developing strong relationships based on integrity, performance and win-win outcomes

  • Maintain a close-knit environment that promotes mutual respect and support amongst Spartan employees


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