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This Project involved the upgrade of the existing Otorohanga Wastewater Treatment Plant to ensure the Otorohanga District Council’s discharge consent requirements were meet.

Works included the construction of a new receiving pump station and inlet screen structure together with connection of existing inlet pipes into these structures. The pump station was approximately 5 metres deep with live connections to existing inlet pipes required during the changeover period.

Dredging of 7000m3 of waste sludge was undertaken into large geobags and allowed to dewater for removal at a later date.

New PE baffle curtains were then installed within the Oxidation Pond to extend the effluent flow path and increase maturation time.

New pond outlet and distribution manhole structures were also constructed to raise pond levels and increase capacity.

An upgrade of the electrical services was completed, including the integration of the new plant instruments into the Councils existing telemetry system.

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