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This contract involved the construction of a new outfall pipeline from the Huntly Wastewater Treatment Plant to the Waikato River. The works included:

  • Construction of a new 315mm OD PN12.5 PE100 HDPE outfall pipeline by open trench and/or trenchless methods.

  • Connection of the new outfall pipeline to an existing pipeline at the treatment plant and associated transition pipework and manhole chamber.

  • Connection of the new outfall pipeline through the stopbank to an existing manhole adjacent to the Waikato River.

  • Installation of a sleeve pipe under the North Island Main Trunk Railway and installation of the outfall pipeline therein.

  • Compliance with Kiwirail and NZTA requirements for construction in state highway and railway corridors.

  • Removal of an existing section of pipeline within an open drainage channel.

  • Removal of existing wastewater manholes to below ground level and sealing of abandoned connecting pipelines.

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