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Major works included:

  • Design of temporary works and the installation of a clay cofferdam and dewatering to bund off and control the canal.

  • Demolition of the existing pump station componentry to allow for new concrete and metal work.

  • Excavation and subgrade improvements including 14m timber piles with concrete pile cap foundations.

  • The new pump station inlet comprised of precast concrete walls placed on the concrete pile cap foundations. The panels were tied in with a concrete floor and in-situ stitch joints to the existing structure.

  • The design and construct for a precast hollowcore deck which included an in-situ concrete topping slab. These items required a PS1 and PS3.

  • The removal and replacement of all mechanical componentry with the replacement of large sluice gates.

  • Site reinstatement which included retaining walls, timber steps and fences, metal access tracks and grassing.

This project was completed in May 2018.

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