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The civil and structural scope of work within the live switchyard, in a 13 stage sequence of works included the following:

  • Removal of existing top soil within Switchyard, and replacement with crushed rock;

  • Modify and make good the existing stormwater drainage and water reticulation to

  • Install new nib wall outside the switchyard fence, and install crushed rock;

  • Strengthen existing eastern and western gantry foundations;

  • Demolish all the old ring busbar, equipment, support structures and foundations

  • Demolish unused foundations

  • Install new primary equipment foundations;

  • Install new cable trenches

  • For new foundations, undercut an additional 500mm and restore with compacted layer

  • of engineered fill material

  • Supply and install new equipment stands;

  • Relocate and install existing VT4 equipment and stands;

  • Level the new foundations to top of existing cable trenches;

  • Remove redundant valve pits

  • Install bollards (to restrict vehicles access ways)

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