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The scope included the construction of a detention basin, swales, a shared pathway and a pedestrian bridge, in Cambridge North. Including:

  • Provision and maintenance of traffic management.

  • Installation of rising main wastewater pipeline, watermain and gas pipeline relocation (gas infrastructure by First Gas).

  • Construction of vegetated trapezoidal-shaped stormwater swales with erosion protection.

  • Construction of stormwater detention basin located to the NW corner of the site. Works also included a weir outlet structure which discharges into the existing stormwater culvert running under the expressway.

  • Design and build of a pedestrian bridge to cross over the proposed swale

  • Design and construct a maintenance access track including low-flow swale crossing.

  • Installation of a stock proof fencing and maintenance gate.

  • Landscape planting within the swale and basin to form wetlands areas and associated maintenance.

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