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Major works involved in the construction contract included:

  • 26km of road network, purpose built for access and the delivery of heavy and long load wind turbine components.

  • Extensive erosion and sediment control design, construction, monitoring and decommissioning of up to 170 control devices.

  • Establishment of an on-site concrete batching plant

  • Construction of 28no turbine foundations consisting of 1335 tonnes of reinforcing steel and 12,000m3 of concrete.

  • Positioning of electrical conduits and free issue holding down bolts and casting onto foundations.

  • Installation of 70km of high voltage electrical cables between turbine sites and the substation

  • Construction of substation platform and building foundations

  • Construction and positioning of 28no transformers and 6no circuit breaker foundations.

Innovation and Performance

  • Redesign of road pavement to reduce pavement thickness and create savings in material costs and programme.

  • Use of Permanent formwork for the turbine foundations to save on labour costs and programme.

  • Awarded inaugural Project of the Year from Environment Waikato for performance in regard to Erosion and Sediment Control.

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