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Major works included:

  • Upgrading of the Tuhikaramea Road through Temple View, including the construction of 3 new roundabouts.

  • Construction of two new access roads in the Temple View site.

  • Construction of new shared footpath/cycle paths

  • Construction of retaining and curtilage walls along Tuhikaramea Road through Temple View.

  • Installation of all new underground services; water; wastewater; stormwater; power & fire ring main.

  • Extensive landscaping around the site, paving, planting and landscape features.

  • Construction of a new Lake and feature hill.

  • Preloading of future development land 45,000m3

  • Construction of some 2km of raised timber boardwalks.

  • Asbestos removal of old buildings and oil contaminated soil.


Proposed alternative timber decking material and foundation system for boardwalks to reduce costs and piled foundations due to varying ground conditions.

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