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Major works included:

  • Installation of 2 x FRP storage tanks and FRP inlet pump station

  • Two train Inlet works including primary screens, grit tanks and secondary screening

  • Inlet flume construction

  • 3 stage Membrane installation and permeate pump skids

  • Upgrade the existing SBR treatment tanks (including aeration, SS baffles, mixers, and decanting).

  • Waste activated sludge (WAS) tank upgrades including aeration and WAS pump station installation

  • Chemical storage and dosing systems.

  • Biofilter and odour extraction

  • Electrical and control detailed design

  • Two storey concrete plant building including blower room and electrical/control room

  • Associated site works and consent compliance requirements.

  • Emergency Generator power supply

  • Concrete access road and earthworks.

  • Treatment plant site works

This project was completed in April 2022.

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