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The Contract Works included the following:

  • Demolition works to enable the construction of the contract works

  • Site investigations to refine the contract works, particularly the alignments and dimensions in the drawings

  • Supply and construction of 610m of DN160 wastewater pipeline from Pond C to the inlet headworks with associated fittings and structures

  • Supply and construction of 20m of DN200 wastewater outfall from the Waste Activated Sludge pipeline to Pond C with associated fittings and structures

  • New connection to Pond C Pump Station including two Resilient Seated Valve (RSV) housed inside a valve chamber

  • Two new actuated overflow valves for waste activated sludge line housed inside valve chambers

  • Install HDPE and concrete liners to the Contingency Pond including kerb and channel and handrail

  • Connect kerb drainage to the existing stormwater network

  • Coordination with Council’s nominated electrical contractor to install and commission actuators for butterfly valves

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