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Major works included:

  • The construction of a 60m x 20.6m x 5.6m high reinforced concrete Bioreactor tank including under ground tank drainage, mud valves, penstocks, walkways and handrails.

  • The construction of a 42m diameter x 5.2m high pre-stressed, post tensioned clarifier tank set 4.0m below ground level. The tank included 48 pre-stressed curved panels and 4 pre-stressed pilaster panels used for post tensioning the tank, pre-cast launder trough, 825mm dia inlet pipe, 375mm dia RAS line, secondary effluent, scum and tank drain lines.

  • Installation of interconnecting pipework

  • Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the clarifier mechanism.

  • Hydro static testing of the bioreactor and clarifier tanks and their associated pipelines.


Redesign of the clarifier launder trough from cast in-situ to precast units which enabled these to be precast ahead of time and reduced installation work on site, the overall programme and costs.

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