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The Contract Works generally involved:

  • Civil works including roads, cattle races, fencing, above and below ground pressure and gravity pipework, ducting for electrical and control cabling, various concrete chambers, reinforced concrete structures and foundations/support slabs, equipment buildings, demolition and disposal offsite.

  • Mechanical works, two new raw wastewater and two new mixed liquor submersible centrifugal pumps, installation of two screening systems including washpress and launders, one grit pump, two progressive cavity pumps, two scum tanks, installation of the clarifier mechanism, refurb of Clarifier 1 mechanical components, installation of a UV system, 300 micron automated filters, two recycled effluent tanks, two lowlift pumps, recycled effluent booster pumps, chemical delivery tanks and dosing system.

  • Electrical and control, including fabrication of new switchboard, install of local control panels, site cabling for new or upgraded loads, certification of all new electrical works. Controls and instrumentation works including design and implementation of control system, flowmeters, level, pressure, flow, actuation systems and process instrumentation for control and monitoring purposes.

  • Commissioning including, dry and wet testing, mechanical/electrical/controls proving period, assistance to plant process optimisation engineer at completion of proving period.

  • As-built drawings, operation and maintenance manuals and asset register.

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