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Refurbishment of primary and secondary clarifiers, trickling filters, an anaerobic digester and sludge drying beds. This upgrade took place whilst the plant continued to operate 24-7, without hold-up.

Works included the construction of:

  • Reinforced concrete twin SBR tank system with sludge pumps, decants, diffusers, Mixers and valves.

  • SBR Feed and Trickling Filter recirculation pump stations and new splitter manhole.

  • Two MCC rooms and three boards.

  • Generator Site.

  • UV Pit and new UV unit.

  • Flow meter chambers.

  • Blower room.

  • Access roading to the site.

And the refurbishment or upgrade of:

  • Primary and secondary clarifiers.

  • Trickling filters.

  • Sludge digester & drying beds (to geo-bag sites).

  • Electrical works throughout the entire plant.


  • The use of DOKA formwork to construct the reinforced concrete tank insitu to speed up the construction process.

  • Re-using all of the existing plant arms and structures to save on costs.

  • Rebuilding the Trickling Filter arms like for like as an unpowered item.

  • Removal of the existing unsafe Digester lid and replace with a new more easily accessible lid.

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